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 Understanding the core functions and essential services of public health are ex

 Understanding the core functions and essential services of public health are extremely important for public health officials when promoting health in the community or trying to implement a policy.As a public health official, you will be expected to give a variety of presentations about your work or topics that currently affect your work in public health.For this assignment, imagine that you are the public health director for a local public health agency and you have been asked to give a presentation to a local board of county commissioners that is deciding whether to increase or decrease funding for your public health agency. It is your task to influence and educate the county commissioners regarding the importance of core public health services, recent policies and legislation that may affect public health services in your community, and your role as the health director in providing adequate public health protections and policy development.Please include at least the following information in your presentation:
Explain the core functions and essential services and how they impact the social determinants of health. Provide examples from your local community.
Identify a current public health policy or legislative action and how it has positively affected your community.
Provide an example of a public health policy in history, and how it has paved the way for a current public health policy that has positively affected your community.
Explain the role of public health officials in program and policy development, management, and implementation. Provide examples.
For this presentation, you will need to create a logical and succinct PowerPoint presentation with a minimum of eight slides (not counting the title and reference slides). You may use the textbook, the American Public Health Association website, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website, the National Association of County and City Health Officials website, and other academic sources as you see fit. Remember, be sure to create a title slide and a reference slide that cites all sources using APA format.Please make sure to use the notes section within PowerPoint to create the dialogue or script that you would use when speaking to the audience about the information presented on your slide. Your PowerPoint presentation should be constructed using a serif-type font. A serif-type font is for high-resolution media in principle and is easier to read than a sans-serif font because the individual characters differ more from each other. The standard is Times New Roman.Adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment. APA formatting, however, is not necessary. 

Applied Sciences homework help

  Background information Student will design a manufacturing, warehouse and dis

Background information
Student will design a manufacturing, warehouse and distribution center using good material handling
practices. The project will require analysis and design of material flow from receiving through shipping,
selection of appropriate material handling equipment, and a detailed description of the operation. The final
designs will be graded using the Rubric posted in Canvas. Refer to the handouts for further Project
Description, Company Profile, Facility Description, and Operational Details.
Facts and data
Vital Vitamins has provided all the current inventory and sales data for this facility (see handouts). Also
provided is a diagram (see sheet labeled “Empty Facility Space”).  
Additional cost data:
1. Capital budget = $2.8M
2. Cost to install dock door = $15,000 (includes dock leveler and labor); budget $200/year/door for
3. Forklift avg. purchase cost = $25,000 (but need to have a maintenance plan)
4. Forklift avg. lease = $650/mo. (“wet lease”, includes maintenance)
5. Labor costs for full-time employees:
a. Lift Truck Operator = $15/hr.
b. Line operators = $13/hr. (need 4 operators for regular line; need 3 for high-speed line)
c. Dock Personnel = $16/hr.
d. Administrative Personnel (Clerks, Customer Service Reps) = $22 – 25/hr.
e. Temp Laborer (unskilled) =$11/hr.
Additional facts:
1. A “Production Unit” = bottles
2. A customer or store order “Pieces” = bottles
3. Finished Goods received from Consolidators are packaged 10 bottles per case/carton, palletized
4. Finished Goods received from Small Distributors are packaged 100 bottles per tote, palletized
5. Finished Goods from the production lines are placed in SKU-specific totes for storage
6. Finished Goods “range in pallets” = ignore; focus on # of SKUs and # of pallets required
(see reverse page)

1. The individual student will submit (using PowerPoint) the design, selection of material handling
equipment, and a detailed description of the operation.
2. The individual student will include in their presentation a diagram of the warehouse design. Also
include a slide that details Key Performance Indicators.
3. The presentation must include answers to these key financial decisions
a. Overall size of the building (173,000 sqft. Or 215,000 sqft.)
b. The number of dock doors required
c. Whether to price ticket in the warehouse or stores
d. The number of manufacturing lines required, or updates required for existing lines
e. Storage and Handling equipment for purchase (or lease)
f. Staffing savings to justify equipment purchases (or lease)
4. The individual student must display/explain the Product Line output numbers to justify the decision on
whether to upgrade or buy the high-speed line. Include this on a separate production plan slide.