Web design

Website – The final paper will be a 5-

Website –
The final paper will be a 5-8 page PDF to be uploaded to Canvas. This paper will make up 10% of your final grade.
1. The first page of the paper will be a screen grab of your website’s homepage. You can do this through the Grab utility on a Mac or through Jing’s take a picture item. You will need to scale this image down to fit on an 8.5” x 11” page in your Word, Pages, or whatever program file you use.
2. The remaining 4-7 pages of your paper will begin with a description of your website’s justification and a short discussion of the rationale for your approach (first item). Then, you will analyze how the components of the information system (other items below) have influenced your website. In preparing this paper, be sure to answer all questions posed in each section. You may provide additional information for each if you wish. Do not restate the questions, just answer them in paragraph form. The paper should be double-spaced, written in size 12 Times New Roman font, with side (and top) margins no greater than 1″.
Justification and rationale. This is essentially the introduction to the paper and need not be long.
• What is the topic that your website addresses?-photoshop
• How does your website relate to other websites like it?
• How did you approach creating your website and decide on a strategy to reach your audience?
• Was this strategy a good one and why?
Hardware and software. The hardware of the system is its machinery: the computer itself and other communication and storage devices. The software refers to the programs and applications of the computerized system and the instructions for their operation. Questions to be answered in this section:
• What hardware and software did you use to create your website? photoshop, Screencast-O-Matic, Audacity, iPhone to record.
• How well did these hardware and software work to create your website?
• Can you think of other hardware and/or software that would enhance your website?
• How do the hardware and software used influence the success of the communication and information exchanges of your website?
Data. Data are facts and information that are produced, consumed, and exchanged during the course of your project. Questions to be answered in this section:
• What data are produced by your website, and how are they produced?
• What data are consumed, and how does this process take place?
• What social conditions and assumptions underlie the exchange of data of your website – that is, what information and knowledge are people expected to have, and why?
• What are some of the potential consequences (social, personal, political, etc.) of data being exchanged and spread as this occurs from your website?
Audience. The people in the information system are the producers and consumers of the data (this includes hardware, software, and data developers and operators, organization and individuals, and general and specific audiences, including some that may be invisible or unknown). Questions to be answered in this section:
• Who are the people that make up your audience – provide any demographics that you can think of?
• Are there other types of audience members you would like to reach?
• What social conditions and assumptions are associated with these audiences – what must the people involved know and do, with what expectations, under what conditions?
• What are some of the potential consequences (social, personal, political, etc.) for the people involved in and influenced by your website?
Procedures and Policies. Procedures and policies govern the system, its data and the people involved. They ensure that the system operates properly, consistently, and successfully. Questions to be answered in this section:
• What procedures and policies are in effect that influence your website?
• Why are they in effect?
• What social conditions and assumptions underlie these procedures and policies – why did these procedures and policies come about, and what purpose do they serve?
• What are some of the potential consequences (social, personal, political, etc.) of these procedure and policies governing this system?
Feedback. Feedback is a specific kind of data: responses provided at various points during the course of a project intended to influence its continued or future operation. Feedback helps system developers decide whether some part of it should be adjusted in the future to attain optimum results. Questions to be answered in this section:
• What type of feedback did you receive from your website?
• How did this feedback affect how you created your website?
• How might you gather other feedback about your website?